Collection Essentielle

Olive oil B A S I C.

50 dh

Our raw from the Essential collection, freshly harvested and pressed.

A return to the springs in the village of our ancestors, where dreams are made in the shadow of a centenary tree.

B A S I C. is a walk through these landscapes with thousand olive trees, where Youssef Gardam has partly trained himself in the profession of olive grower. It extracts the floral fragrance, fresh and sunny from an olive tinged with limestone. A dream to the origins of this elixir.

Aromatic and olfactory notes: Tomato leaf, fresh apple and black olive paste.

Description: Extra virgin olive oil
Origin: Morocco, Marrakech-Safi
Ingredients: Picholine from Morocco

Acidity Rate: 0.13 %

Minimum Durability Date: 24 months
Conditions of conservation: Keep away from heat and light

For 100ml:
Energy: 3389 kJ/824 kcal
Fat: 91.6g
Including saturated fatty acids: 12.8g
Glucides: 0g
Including sugars: 0g
Protein: 0g
Salt: 0g

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