Shipping policy


GARDAM offers free shipping for all products and to all regions of Morocco.

You will benefit from priority processing of your order which will be shipped on the same business day if the order is placed before 14 hours.

You are responsible for the correct entry of the delivery address;GARDAM is in no way responsible for packages that were delivered to an incorrect address (which was given toGARDAM  before expedition). In cases whereGARDAM needs additional information about a delivery address, you may be asked byGARDAM  to provide additional information. A delay in delivery may occur if additional information regarding the delivery address is required.

GARDAM make reasonable efforts to deliver the order within the delivery time at the delivery address. If delivery is delayed, or if the order cannot be honoured (or can only be honoured in part), you will be notified as soon as possible after the order is placed. In this case, you have the right to terminate the contract at no cost.

The risk of damage and/or loss of products is borne byGARDAM until the time of delivery to the delivery address, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

If you receive a product that you have not ordered, you must informGARDAM  as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receipt of the order) by e-mail (or viathe contact page website). You will take care of the return of the product (s) concerned after receivingGARDAM  instructions on referral.GARDAM  will bear the costs of the return and will then take care of the shipment of the correct product, provided that you have complied with theGARDAM  regarding referral.

If you receive a damaged or incomplete product, you must inform customer serviceGARDAM  as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receiving the order) throughthe contact page of the website. As a result,GARDAMdecide how to deal with the current case. In the above situation (s), you must always informGARDAM  and wait for instructions from customer serviceGARDAM . If in these situations, you return a product at your own expense without first contacting and waiting for the customer service instructions ofGARDAM , you cannot claim the costs you incurredGARDAM (nor holdGARDAM responsible for the removal that took place without the prior consent ofGARDAM ). If the order is being shipped or has been shipped to you byGARDAM disappears or has disappeared, or if you claim that you have not received the order (despite information such as management and tracking data/carrier information indicating otherwise), the carrier's complaint procedure will be initiated and the outcome of this procedure will be expected before any refund or re-dispatch is put in place. You will cooperate fully with the carrier's complaint procedure.

If a shipment disappears as a result of an error by the carrier (and after the carrier's claim procedure has been completed),GARDAM  will reimburse you orGARDAM  will try to send you the ordered product again. If the order has still not been delivered to your delivery address (or withdrawal point) 14 days after the date of shipment, you have the obligation to inform the customer service ofGARDAM  by e-mail within 14 days (include: within 28 days after the date of dispatch).